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UV/VIS/NIR радиометрия

Spectral Irradiance measurements can be done in different setups and wavelength ranges, like with fiber optic cosine corrector or integrating sphere. Irradiance measurements can be done in the UV, VIS as well in the NIR range.

For absolute irradiance measurements a spectrometer can be configured and radiometrically calibrated in the Avantes calibration laboratory with a range from 200 to 400 nm or from 350-1100 nm for a combined UV/VIS range of 200-1100nm, or for the 1100-2500nm range. This calibration is done on a fixed setup, i.e. fiber optics and diffusor can not be changed afterwards.

In order to be more flexible in the setup a calibration can be performed on location with a calibrated VIS/NIR light source (AvaLight-HAL-CAL) or calibrated UV/VIS/NIR light source (AvaLight-DH-CAL).

Our comprehensive AvaSoft-IRRAD software allows you to perform and load irradiance calibrations.

A typical setup for irradiance measurement is given below.

Components used in the irradiance measurement setup are depicted in the following table:


UV Irradiance

VIS Irradiance

NIR Irradiance


AvaSpec- 2048


Grating UC (200-400nm), DUV, 50 µm slit

Grating VA (360-1100nm), 50µm slit, OSC

Grating NIRY (1100-2500nm), 50µm slit, OSF1000

Grating UA (200-1100nm), DUV, 50µm slit, OSC-UA


AvaSoft-full and AvaSoft-IRRAD


IRRAD-CAL-UV (200-400 nm)

IRRAD-CAL-VIS (360-1100nm)

IRRAD-CAL-NIR (1100-2500nm)

IRRAD-CAL-UV/VIS (200-1100nm)

Light source (optional)

AvaLight-DH-CAL Calibrated Deuterium-Halogen light source with CC-UV/VIS

AvaLight-HAL-CAL Calibrated halogen light source with CC-UV/VIS

AvaLight-HAL-CAL extra NIR Calibrated halogen light source with CC-VIS/NIR

Fiber optics

1 pcs. FC-UV200-2 fiber 200µm UV/VIS, 2m, SMA

FC-IR200-2 fiber 200µm VIS/NIR, 2m, SMA


CC-UV/VIS cosine corrector or AvaSphere-IRRAD-CAL integrating sphere


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