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Avantes Solutions in Spectroscopy Catalog 2008

Avantes Solutions in Spectroscopy

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Avantes BV AvaSpec fiber optic spectrometer: spectrometer, spectrophotometer, photocolorimeter, fluorimeter, reflectometer, densitometer, spectroradiometer


The AvaSpec fiber optic spectrometers with modular design have optimal configuration for optical spectrometry in the wavelength range 180-2500 nm with the optical resolution from 0.025 nm.

The AvaSpec fiber optic spectrometer is characterized by high efficiency and reliability because of the use of optical measuring modules with the highly sensitive matrix detectors and unique microprocessor electronic platforms.

The AvaSpec fiber optic spectrometers USB2 basing on electronic platform AS-5216 differ in terms:

of the large scale of the integration time

of the higher speed of obtaining and transmission of data

of the possibility of measurements in the trigger regime and the synchronization of measurements.

The modular principle of the organization of the AvaSpec fiber optic spectrometers makes it possible to use them for constructing the diverse measuring systems in the complex with different light sources, fiber optics and sensors. The measuring systems are characterized by high reliability and possibility of expanding the number of methods and technologies of measurement due to the construction of different configurations of the spectrometric system.

Important advantage of the measuring systems on the base of the AvaSpec fiber optic spectrometers is multifunctionality, when one and the same system can be used by different methods (as spectrometer, spectrophotometer, photocolorimeter, fluorimeter, reflectometer, densitometer) due to a change in the configuration of the spectrometric system.

The AvaSpec fiber optic spectrometers, completed by analytical sensors, light sources, applied software and computer, are the multifunctional measuring complex, utilized as spectrophotometer, spectrofluorimeter, photocolorimeter, radiometer, photometer, densitometer, reflectometer, nephelometer, luminometer, spectroradiometer and oximeter for the highly effective analytical and laboratory spectrometric investigations as in the the field of natural-science – chemistry, physics, biology – so also more than into 50000 applications of applied nature – noninvasive biomedical spectrometric studies, spectrometric ecological monitorings, spectrometric quality controls of raw material and for inline process control.

Solutions in Spectroscopy

Applications in spectrometry:

UV- VIS - IR spectrophotometry
Absolute radiometry
Spectral photo-colorimetry
Photocolorimetric simulation
Noninvasive analysis of the blood
Gemology measurement spectrometry
Thin Film measurements
Technological processes control
Measurement of the parameters of the LED
Optical multiplexer�

Price: spectrometer, photocolorimeter, spectrophotometer

Description of spectrometers


Spectrometer - spectroradiometer


Photocolorimeter - photometer

Spectrometer - spectrofluorimeter

Spectrometer - reflectometer

Spectrometer - spectrograph

Spectrometer - reflectometer

Spectrometer - fluorimeter

Photocolorimeter - photometer

Thermo-electric cooled spectrometer

Raman spectrometry, Raman spectrometer

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