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Иррадиационная фотонометрия - AvaSoft-Photon

Иррадиационная фотонометрия

AvaSoft-Photon has been developed to measure the spectral distribution of the number of photons in the light that is being investigated. Since the number of photons per nanometer is a huge number (even with very low light intensity), the number of Avogadro is used to express the number of photons in mols, or as in our application in µmols.

The number of photons per nanometer can be calculated from the wavelength dependent photon energy, and the absolute light energy that is measured with AvaSoft-IRRAD. AvaSoft-PHOTON offers the following additional functionality compared to AvaSoft-IRRAD:

  • A graphical view mode, in which the number of photons (in µMol/s/m2) is shown against wavelength. In this view mode, both online measurements and earlier saved irradiance spectra (files with extension *.irr) can be shown. Also the spectra that were saved in irradiance mode before thedevelopment of AvaSoft-Photon can be displayed in photon count mode.

  • The irradiance output parameters have been extended with: µMol/s/m2, µMol/m2, µMol/s and µMol. These values can be calculated for each spectrum (including earlier saved graphs) that is displayed in the main window.

  • In time series measurement, up to eight irradiance parameters can be selected to be monitored simultaneously against time. The photon counts parameters µMol/s/m2, µMol/m2, µMol/s and µMol have been added in AvaSoft- Photon. With AvaSoft-XLS these parameters can be exportedonline to Microsoft Excel. With AvaSoft-PROC, thresholds can be set and TTL output signals (onboard with AvaSpec- 2048) will be generated if these thresholds are exceeded.

  • The saved irradiance spectra can be converted to ASCII format with the menu option: File – Convert Graph – To ASCII. With AvaSoft-Photon, an extra column is added representing the photon counts in µMol/s/m2.

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Photon energy application add-on, to be ordered with AvaSoft-full

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