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Фибероптический мультиплексор - AvaSoft-FOM

Фибероптический мультиплексор

AvaSoft-FOM has been written to integrate the Fiber Optic Multiplexer with a one channel AvaSpec spectrometer. A single spectrometer can be used to measure at 8 different locations sequentially.

AvaSoft-FOM includes all features of AvaSoft-full.

The software simulates an environment of one master and seven slave spectrometers, and repositions the multiplexer before each new measurement. At present, the maximum number of channels supported by AvaSoft-FOM is eight, as this is the current channel limit of AvaSoft.

For applications where the multiplexer is used without an AvaSpec or when custom-specific software is written, the FOM-DLL interface software package is available.

AvaSoft-FOM and the Fiber Optic Multiplexer can be used with all AvaSpec-USB1 platform spectrometers. Multiplexing spectrometer channels is particularly for  the AvaSpec-NIR256 spectrometer a very interesting option, to reduce cost for a multi-channel version.

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Fiber Optic Multiplexer integration stand-alone Software


Interface DLL package for Fiber Optic Multiplexer (FOM-XX400-1x16 and
FOM-XX400-2x8) for Windows-95/98, 2000, ME, NT, XP and Vista

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