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AvaSoft Application Software - измерение концентрации кислорода

Avasoft-Oxygen has been developed to perform on-line absolute oxygen measurements with a spectrometer system. Oxygen probes are based on the quenching effect of oxygen on the fluorescence of a ruthenium complex.

For details on the oxygen measurement setup see section applications.

The AvaLight-LED-470 light source used, emits light with a wavelength of approximately 470 nm. Measurements of the fluorescence are performed at approximately 600 nm. A high signal corresponds with a low oxygen level and vice versa.

The oxygen concentration can be calibrated and measured for both dissolved oxygen (ppm) and oxygen in air (%).

The calculated oxygen level can be displayed and saved in two ways:

  • -The oxygen level can be displayed on-line in a separate display window, with up to eight channels.

  • -You can select up to eight history channels that can display and save oxygen levels against time. This application can be combined with the Excel and Process-Control applications.

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Oxygen application add-on software for oxygen concentration measurements, to be ordered with AvaSoft-FULL

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