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Области применения: введение

Области применения: введение

Introduction - a wide range of application references

Avantes line of spectrometers enables the use in a very wide variety of sensing and sensor applications, such as:

· Agriculture - Measure oxygen content of soil, determination of chlorophyll by fluorescence measurements, determination of
  Nitrate fertilizer concentration in crops
· Astronomy - Measuring the spectrum of stars, planets and comets
· Automobile Industry - Measure on-line low concentration of water contamination in oil, measure coating on car glass
· Biology - To measure chlorophyll concentration and UV absorption, measuring color change and sexual behavior of fish
  under influence of sunlight, determine bird feather color and ornamental appearance, investigating photonic crystal
  structures for UV protection mechanism of the high altitude flower Edelweiss, measure the mechanical properties of small
  bio-molecules, to develop an artificial bio-inspired multilayer system which reproduces the visual effects provided by the
  insects cuticle.
· Biotechnology - Measuring survival of microorganism's population after high UV pulsed light emission.
· Chemistry - Determination of Phosphates in burning processes, endpoint detection in crystallization processes, measuring
  oxygen concentration of gasses, determine the oxidation state of vanadium in catalyst reactions, measure high-density
  multimode integrated polymer optics, determine effect of Organic Impurities on the Hydrocarbon Formation
· Coating Industry - Measure layer thickness of optical transparent coatings, in-line measurement of the color of glass
· Colorimetry - Color determination of plastics, textile, food, paints, birds, fish, lizards
· Construction - Measuring gas content of isolated double glass windows by high-energy spark light emission.
· Cosmetics - Measuring color of lipstick, nail polish and hair dye.
· Dairy industry - measuring color of milk products and yogurts, measuring consistency of cheese during fabrication process.
· Dental - Measuring the color of tooth and spectral analyses of residuals in gums. Carious identification in teeth with
  plasma spectroscopy
· Dermatology - Measuring UV Absorption of the skin in correlation with UV protection of digested carotenoids. Determination
  of penetration of chemicals through the skin into the blood stream.
· Environmental - Water quality measurement (chlorine/nitrate) with deep UV absorption, measuring pH of seawater, detect
  forest fires on 15 km distance, quantitative model of the performance of laser pointer style gas leak detectors, UV
  radiation monitoring
· Film Industry - Controlling the color of thermo graphic films and lightning
· Food - Measure water content of tomatoes, potatoes, measure sweetness of carrots and tomatoes, measure origin of olive
  oil. Determination of soluble solids in apples, kiwifruit and ripeness of peach, using NIR spectroscopy. Determination of
  Odor and flavor of white wine. Detecting color change in ripening process of bananas. Measuring color change of meat
  during cooking process
· Gas Chromatography - UV absorption and gas detection
· Gemology - Value determination of diamonds (synthetic/natural) by measuring absorption peaks, measure color of
  diamonds and other gemstones. Determination of authenticity of gemstones, using Raman spectroscopy.
· LCD industry - Measure transmission, retardance, twist angle, thickness and other optical properties of thin films
· LIBS Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for analysis of solids and gasses
· Light Industry - Measure Laser diodes and LED's characteristics, measure irradiance values of light bulbs and UV-light
  sources, used for water purification
· Meteorology - UV radiation monitoring
· Medical - Measure hemoglobin, cytochromes and beta-carotene non-invasively, measure CO2 and HbO2 in the heart to
  monitor myocardial ischemia during bypass operations. Measure oxygen consumption of tumors. Fluorescence
  measurements for cancer and cardiovascular diseases diagnosis
· Military - Identify color of smoke screens, transmission and illumination measurement on night vision devices
· Nanotechnology – detection of Plasmon line shapes, measure Non-reciprocal refection of sub-wavelength hole-array
· Narcotics - Identification of drugs with Raman spectroscopy
· Nuclear Industry - To determine fluorescence in an active nuclear reactor
· Optical Filters - Quality control to by determining absorption and transmission properties of interference filters
· Painting Industry - On-line measurement of color during color mixing process
· Paper Industry - Measure color/whiteness of paper, humidity determination of pulp.
· Particle Size analyses of cancer cells
· Pharmaceutical - Determination of bacteria concentration in fermentors, endpoint detection in crystallization processes.
· Plasma Etching - Layer thickness measurement
· Printing Industry - Color determination of ink, spectral measurement of high-power UV light sources for drying printing ink.
· Pyrometry - measuring temperature of turbine blades in electrical power plants
· Radiometry - measuring energy spectrum of light sources and the sun
· Raman Spectroscopy - Analyses of compounds in organic chemistry
· Semiconductor Industry - Layer thickness measurement and mapping of wafers
· Space Research – Measure UV radiation on Martian surface
· Sun Glasses Industry - Measuring UVA, UVB, and UVC absorbance of sunglasses.
· Textile Industry - Measuring colors

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