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Оптоволоконный коннектор

SMA connectors

Standard we supply all of our fiber optic cables, bundles and probes with SMA 905 connectors, that easily fit into our complete range of spectrometers, light sources and accessories. The SMA 905 connectors are screw-fitted and can be rotated over 360 degrees. The typical insertion loss for the connectors is 0,5 dB. The maximum filling diameter for bundles is 2,46 mm.

SMA connector

ST Connectors

For certain applications ST-connectors can be mounted to our fiber optic products as well. ST-connectors easily mount with their bayonet type of fitting, and can therefore not rotate, i.e. mount in  a fixed position. The maximum filling diameter is 1,5 mm, typical insertion loss is 0,3 dB.

FC/PC connectors

The multimode FC/PC connectors have an extremely low insertion loss of < 0,2 dB. The FC/PC connector can not rotate, mounts always into the same fixed position and therefore has a  high reproduceability.

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