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RPH-1 Reflection Probe Holder

The RPH-1 Reflection probe holder is useful to fix an FCR standard reflection probe under an angle of 90 or 45 degrees, as mostly used for color measurements. The 45 degrees angle is used for diffuse reflection measurements.

The 90 degrees angle is used to measure specular reflection.

The holes have a 6,5 mm diameter and contain a setscrew to fix the probe in its position. The RPH measures 60 x 30 x 30 mm and is made of black anodized aluminum.

AFH-15 Angled Fiber Holder

The AFH-15 Angled Fiber Holder holder is useful to fix 1,5 mm diameter ferrule terminated fibers (for example FC-UV200-2-1.5x40) or reflection probes (for example FCR- 7UV200-2-1.5x100) under 15º, 30º, 45º, 60º, 75º and 90º angles. In this way different reflection measurement setups

can be made with multiple separate fibers for illumination and detection.

A total of 11 holes have each a 1,6 mm diameter and contain a setscrew to fix the probe or fiber in its position.

At the bottom is a 12 mm half round of space free to enable reflection in all directions.

The AFH-15 is made of black anodized aluminum.


The AFH-Ocular was developed for reflection color measurements on small spot diameters (<0.5 mm). The ocular enables to precisely monitor the location of the measurement spot.

The holder is used for miniaturized reflection probes with 7 x 100 µm fibers and 1 mm outside diameter stainless steel tip FCR-7UV100-2-1x25).

A black cover should be used during the measurement to cover the ocular from ambient light.

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